Bowden Blog: 2 Second Lean – Clamp Cell Chip Chutes

We’re continuing on our 2-Second Lean journey with our Daily Morning Improvement Time each day and creating videos to show our improvements.

We’re continuing in our Machining Cell where we’re running Clamps, as we look to transform the Cell through our daily actions.

In today’s video, Jeremy and Marvin are working to keep the chips from the machining operation contained to keep their workbench cleaner.

Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean – It’s Hammer Time!

We’re continuing on our 2-Second Lean journey each day and starting to put together more videos showing our improvements.

Here’s our latest one from this morning’s Improvement Time on the shop floor.  It was a really simple improvement, but will save a lot of time for Marvin as he goes through his day!

Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean Improvements in the Tool Room

Our 2-Second Lean journey continues on a daily basis.

Based on the book, 2-Second Lean by Paul Akers, we are doing our morning improvement time each day and looking to report our progress.

Below is our latest video showing the Before and After conditions in our tool room:

We’ve still got work to do, but we’re seeing signs of progress and we know that if we continue relentlessly, we’ll improve dramatically over time!

Thanks, Andy

Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean Starting at Bowden!

While we’ve done various aspects of Lean Manufacturing for many years, we’re in the midst of a resurgence using a book that’s new to us (We highly recommend the book to everyone!):

2 Second Lean

It’s already starting to shake things up here at Bowden!

Two of Paul’s big ideas are Daily Improvement Time and Before & After Videos, so I’ve been doing 15 minutes of Daily Improvement time in my office each morning before I get to work.

Below is my first Before & After Video showing Phase 1 of my office improvements (Don’t worry, the videos will start to get better as I/we get more experience!):

There will certainly be more to come as this week, we are starting our Daily Improvement Time at the start of our First Shift each day!

Thanks much,  Andy