February 27th: Strawberry Day

Today is Strawberry Day!  A healthy way to finish off the week for our Teammates!

Dress Like Steve Buhl Day...Really?!

Bowden Manufacturing Teammates had some fun as they dressed up in their flannel shirts and camouflage hats to replicate Teammate, Steve Buhl's signature attire! Really!?

February 26th: Chili Day 2015

Bowden Manufacturing Teammates brought their appetites for Chili Day 2015!

February 26th: For Pete's Sake Day

Bowden Manufacturing would like to celebrate (or at least acknowledge) For Pete's Sake Day!

Bowden Manufacturing: Quote of the Week

This week's Quote: Administration

"Setting a goal is the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan."

Bowden Manufacturing Teammate Qualities

  • We Are Trustworthy

  • We Are Good Communicators

  • We Are Responsible

  • We Are Willing to Learn

  • We Are Safety Conscious

  • We Have Positive Attitudes

  • We Are Dependable

  • We Are Able to Learn

  • We Are Team Players

  • We Have A Strong Work Ethic

  • We Are Patient

  • We Are Technically Skilled

  • We Are Disciplined

Positive Story of the Week

We are happy to have a new part order from a new Customer, Albeco! Albeco is an aluminum bearing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We would like to welcome Albeco to the Bowden Manufacturing Partnership.

Tortilla Chip Day!

Thanks to Bowden Teammate, Pete Giordano for bringing in the chips and salsa for the Team on Tortilla Chip Day!

February 20th: Cherry Pie Day!

Thanks to Bowden Teammates for sharing Cherry Pie with the Team!

Week Schedule: February 22-28

New Equipment!

Bowden Manufacturing recently added a new piece of precision measuring equipment for our Quality and Inspection Departments!

Stay Connected!


Total Contribution from Penny Drive - $20.10

United Way Penny Drive

Let the counting begin!!

Ronald McDonald House Charity Dinner


Colleen, Pete, and Kathy (pictured left to right)

February 16th: Almond Day!

Bowden Manufacturing celebrated Almond Day! Here is a picture of our jar of almonds for the day on our MakerBot Digitizer! Scanning the jar is not nearly as fulfilling as consuming the contents!

Week Schedule: February 15-21

Teammate Anniversary: Sarah Eslinger!

Happy Teammate Anniversary to Sarah Eslinger!

Sarah has been with Bowden Manufacturing for 9 Years! Way to go Sarah!

United Way and Lost Penny Day!

Bowden Manufacturing decided to celebrate Lost Penny Day as a way of Kicking off our Annual United Way Campaign!

Bowden has worked with United Way for the last 15+ years. In years past, Bowden Teammates have benefited from the United Way charities in hard times. We hold this charity near and dear. United[…]

2nd and 3rd Shift T-Shirt Designs!

February 11: White T-Shirt Day!

White T-Shirt Day certainly got the creative juices flowing with a number of new T-Shirt designs!

Day of the Week: February 10

To celebrate Cream Cheese Brownie Day, Bowden Manufacturing hosted its own version of the recipe!

Featured Positive Story of the Week


CNC Haas Lathe - Set-up


Bowden Teammate Arthur, on Haas Lathe

Bowden Manufacturing: Press Release

February 6th: Bubble Gum Day!

February 6th 2015:  Bubble Gum Day!

To have fun and celebrate Bubble Gum Day 2015Bowden Manufacturing Teammates did their best to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest bubble gum bubble (20" in diameter!)

Week Schedule: February 8-14

Teammate Anniversary (2/5): Rebecca Balazs!

Name: Rebecca Balazs

February 5th: World Nutella Day!

Bowden Teammates had the chance to celebrate World Nutella Day by means of Nutella topped brownies! Courtesy of Bowden Teammate, Sandy Adams!

February 4th: Soup Day!

Soup Day 2015 at Bowden Manufacturing sported four (4) different types of soup, brought in by Teammates!

MUG Meeting


February 3rd: Carrot Cake Day!


February 2nd: Groundhog Day 2015!

Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania made his annual prediction... SIX more weeks of winter! The fuzzy marmot saw his shadow at 7:25 am and retreated to his dwelling to ride out a longer winter!

Teammate Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Bowden Teammates, Michael Christopher (February 1st) and William Kindt (February 2nd)!


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