Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean Starting at Bowden!

While we’ve done various aspects of Lean Manufacturing for many years, we’re in the midst of a resurgence using a book that’s new to us (We highly recommend the book to everyone!):

2 Second Lean

It’s already starting to shake things up here at Bowden!

Two of Paul’s big ideas are Daily Improvement Time and Before & After Videos, so I’ve been doing 15 minutes of Daily Improvement time in my office each morning before I get to work.

Below is my first Before & After Video showing Phase 1 of my office improvements (Don’t worry, the videos will start to get better as I/we get more experience!):

There will certainly be more to come as this week, we are starting our Daily Improvement Time at the start of our First Shift each day!

Thanks much,  Andy