Throwback Thursday: Customer Qualities

— We appreciate good, old-fashioned, human contact! Cooperative, positive people who take the time to make a personal connection with others are the type of people who tend to make a Partnership work. Our experience shows, unquestionably, that on-site visits in both directions help create deeper understanding on both sides of the Partnership. Personality and Visitation are two of our 7 Qualities of a Bowden Customer Partnership.

“Our Quality Assurance personnel seek to understand and replicate the inspection processes that will be used by our partners once we’ve delivered products. This helps us discover potential defects prior to shipment.”


Here is a Throwback photo of Bowden Manufacturing’s Quality Manager, Pete Giordano with Customers!

Quality Manager - Pete Giordano with Customers

Quality Manager – Pete Giordano (Middle) with Customers



Throwback Thursday: Office Space

Talk about flashback! Here is a trip down memory lane with a picture of Bowden Manufacturing’s office space from the 60’s!

What is your fondest memory from the 1960’s!?

Notice the trendy flooring and Royal typewriters! Our office gals here were hard at work and that is no different today!

With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner there is an excitement in the air! Bowden Manufacturing is heading into 2015 with a positive outlook and a confident game-plan! We have a troop of new Customers and sophisticated products ahead of us.  It is sure to pose a challenge, but our Technically Skilled and Patient, Team Players are ready to embrace the task at hand!

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Bowden Office 001

photo (2)


Throwback Thursday: Bowden’s Building and The Three Little Pigs

Bowden Manufacturing has been a cornerstone in the Willoughby City as well as the machining and manufacturing industry for decades. Since 1957,  Bowden has been located in the same building at 4590 Beidler Road in Willoughby, OH.

The building’s brick structure portrays a quaint symbolism of the company’s strength, and endurance for over 50 Years! Similar to the brick house in the Three Little Pigs Fable, Bowden Manufacturing has stood strong, withstanding outside turbulence. The test of time has fortified Bowden’s reputation as a ‘go-to’ manufacturer in the industry.

As with all seasoned structures, Bowden Manufacturing is only as good as its foundation. Our Teammates, Leadership and the Relationships we build serves as the groundwork on which we build our business upon. Bowden Manufacturing employees are Trust-worthy, Safety-Conscious and Dependable. They are a true testament and representation of the philosophy we operate by.

At Bowden Manufacturing we build our relationships with the same values: To Establish, Maintain and Grow Long-term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with our Customers, our Teammates & their Families, our Suppliers and our Community.

Bowden Manufacturing