March 2015 MUG Meeting


Bowden Manufacturing’s Monthly MUG Meeting for March 2015. Bowden’s Wes Holder(green vest) addresses the team with key points and constructive feedback!photo 2

March Maple Madness!

K-C Maple Syrup, 2010 Geauga County Maple Festival Syrup Competition Winner, will again be part of the Maple Madness Driving Tour for 2015! K-C Maple Syrup is operated by Bowden Manufacturing’s One-of-a-Kind Teammate, Carl Defilippo. His operation will be available for touring on March 14th and 15th from (10:00 am-5:00 pm).
Don’t forget to dress for the weather!

Bowden Manufacturing Teammate Qualities

  1. We Are Trustworthy

  2. We Are Good Communicators

  3. We Are Responsible

  4. We Are Willing to Learn

  5. We Are Safety Conscious

  6. We Have Positive Attitudes

  7. We Are Dependable

  8. We Are Able to Learn

  9. We Are Team Players

  10. We Have A Strong Work Ethic

  11. We Are Patient

  12. We Are Technically Skilled

  13. We Are Disciplined

February 6th: Bubble Gum Day!

February 6th 2015:  Bubble Gum Day!

To have fun and celebrate Bubble Gum Day 2015Bowden Manufacturing Teammates did their best to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest bubble gum bubble (20″ in diameter!)

Needless to say and despite our Teams valiant efforts; Chad Fell’s Guinness World Record for Largest Bubble Record remains intact!

Look below for pictures of some of our Teammates giving it their best shot!

TammySandyRandyphoto 4Brettphoto 1photo 2