January 29th: Puzzle Day

Here are some of Bowden Manufacturing’s Engineering Teammates putting their minds to work for Puzzle Day (Jan 29th!) It is more difficult than you think!!


photo 4
Metal Casting Logic Puzzles (they are harder than you think!)
photo 3
Kevin K.
photo 2
Randy H. (Solved two puzzles without any assistance!)

When all else fails….GOOGLE IT!

photo (3)
Jim W. “This Thing is IMPOSSIBLE!”



Weekly Schedule: January 25-31

Days of the Week: January 25-31


Anniversaries – None

Birthdays – None


26th   – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

27th   – Chocolate Cake Day

28th – Featured Positive Story of the Week

29th – Puzzle Day

–Bring in your favorite puzzle or brainteaser

30th    – Fun at Work Day

January 6th: Bean Day Contest!

In recognition of  Bean Day (January 6th), we decided to have a little fun to start off the year at Bowden Manufacturing! 

We held a Bean Jar Guess-Off! Our Technically Skilled Teammates put their brains to work. With over 40 participants, there was a wide spectrum of predictions and calculations for the bean filled jar. Be that as it may, there could only be one winner. After the dust had settled, Bowden Teammate, Steve Burnett narrowly edged out the contention through a Garbanzo Bean tie-breaker!

Congrats Steve!


Winner: Bowden Teammate – Steve Burnett

What would YOU guess?!

Next Up: Throwback Thursday

December 17th: Maple Syrup Day!

Today, December 17th is Maple Syrup Day!photo 5

Every Spring, Bowden Teammate, Carl DeFillippo makes his own 100% Pure Ohio Maple Syrup. He operates under the name: K-C Maple Syrup out of Montville, OH. Carl has been with Bowden FOREVER and is a vital Teammate to our success. He has been making maple syrup for over 15 years; K-C produces about 75 Gallons per season.

The Teammates here at Bowden love when Maple Syrup Season comes around! Orders start rolling in once he taps his first tree!

Carl’s favorites to put the 100% Maple Syrup on are: Pancakes, Waffles, and Vanilla Ice Cream!

K-C Maple Syrup also is part of the Maple Tour in March where he holds an open house to visitors.

For ordering information or inquiries contact Carl(440) 968-3550 or email @ KCMapleSyrup@gmail.com


photo 3