Alcoa Buys Specialty Metals Company RTI International

Alcoa is betting on an increasing need for titanium in the growing aerospace industry. Analysts expect spending for the strong yet light metal to grow 5% annually over the next five years.

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Ronald McDonald House Charity Dinner

RMHC Picture (February)
Colleen, Pete, and Kathy (pictured left to right)

February 9th 2015 – Bowden Manufacturing Teammates participated in “Cook’s Corner” at the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. “Cook’s Corner” are volunteers who donate meals to nourish the guest and families at the Ronald McDonald House! Bowden Teammates Pete Giordano (pictured middle) and Kathy Bell (pictured right), cooked lasagna and veggie lasagna for about 100 guests and family at the Ronald McDonald House! 

“Our Teammates get great joy with participating with the RMHC,” says Pete Giordano, Bowden’s Quality Manager. “Bowden Manufacturing has been partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland for 4 years.We are still continually amazed by the joy of the kids. They always excited to see us and anxious to share their stories! We want the give back to the guests with more than just a meal, but an experience they will remember!” 

The next dinner that Bowden Manufacturing will participate in is May 4th and will be a Hawaiian Theme! Our volunteers will be dressed in grass skirts and leis!


Five Critical Themes in U.S. Manufacturing


Bowden Manufacturing (Current)
Bowden Manufacturing (Current)

Ranked in the top 5 Industrial Markets in the U.S., Northeast Ohio has one of the highest concentrations of manufacturing companies with almost 10,000 facilities (NEOisGreat 06′).

Bowden Manufacturing, located in Willoughby, Ohio, is a mainstay on this list! With growth in the Aerospace, Defense, and Oil & Gas industries coupled with technological innovations predicted over the next decade; the future is looking bright for Bowden MFG. and Northeast Ohio Manufacturing!



Here is a list of 5 Critical Points in U.S. Manufacturing from Industry Week.

  • Strong end-market demand is driving companies to produce closer to their customer base.
    • Proximity to the customer base allows for greater responsiveness, better positioning in the markets being served and more accurate demand forecasts.
  • Managing supply chain risk
    • Manufacturing disruptions that occur overseas can be easier to manage by shortening the supply chain.
  • Narrowing differences in energy and labor costs.
    • The shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive manufacturing processes has made the U.S. more competitive and diminished the benefit of outsourcing to lower-cost countries.
  • The importance of innovation, differentiation and speed to market
    • American companies have a competitive advantage when it comes to producing technologically advanced, differentiated goods that require precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control.
  • The importance of business environment and regional attractiveness
    • The U.S. has stronger laws and institutions relative to developing economies which provides companies greater intellectual property protection and higher safety standards.

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2015 SHOT Show

Last week Bowden Manufacturing Teammates, Andy McCartney, Matt Hollis and Wes Holder made the trip out to Las Vegas to attend the Annual Shot Show! SHOT acronym stands for “Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade” (show); The largest of its kind in the world! Newly equipped with FitBit bands, Bowden Teammates accumulated over 14 miles per day on foot and still had ground to cover!  

Bowden’s Leadership Team did have the chance to visit several Partners and Customers including; ArmaLite Inc., a small arms engineering company founded in the early 1950’s and innovator of the AR (ArmaLite) class rifle. Bowden has produced hand guards for ArmaLite and other gun manufacturers; several of which could be seen in booths and exhibits throughout the show. 

Pictures Left to Right – Eugene O’Brien (Armalite),  Matt Hollis (Bowden MFG), Wes Holder (Bowden MFG)
Bowden Teammate – Matt Hollis taking Aim (because there is nothing scarier; than a large man, in a pink sweater, at a gun show!)


SHOT-Show-logoWhat: 2015 SHOT Show
Date: January 20-23, 2015
Location: Sands Expo Center Las Vegas, Nevada 
The annual shooting, hunting, and outdoor expo is the Largest Trade Show in the World! It Features:
  • More than 1600 Exhibitors
  • Over 600,000 sq/ft
  • Over 65,000 industry professionals
  • All 50 States and over 100 Countries represented

Links to:  Shot Show WebsiteSHOT Show Blog


Positive Story of the Week: tecsis LP

Bowden Manufacturing had a very encouraging visit with Jim Siebold and Judy Fox from tecsis LP. Located in Worthington, Ohio, near Columbus,  Tecsis specializes in pressure transducers and sensors, load cells, and various custom engineered sensors. You can find Tecsis sensors in the oil and gas industry, automotive and off-road manufacturing, systems integration, aerospace, military, and in general manufacturing installations everywhere. They are appreciative of the work we’ve done for them and we are excited about working with them in the future.

—“We’ve done work with Tecsis in the past and it was great that they made the time to visit us.  We are all hoping that their business can continue to grow and we’re excited to be helpful along those lines.  They have highly-engineered products that typically require milling and turning, a combination which has been a good fit for us” says Andy McCartney, President of Bowden Manufacturing.

For inquiries about our machining solutions:

call us: 440-946-1770 or email us:
Pictured Left to Right: Matt Hollis - Bowden MFG, Wes Holder - Bowden MFG, Judy Fox - Tecsis LP, Jim Siebold - Tecsis LP
Pictured Left to Right: Matt Hollis – Bowden MFG, Wes Holder – Bowden MFG, Judy Fox – tecsis LP, Jim Siebold – tecsis LP

Click here for a full list of our: 7 Qualities of a Bowden Customer Partnership




AWT: Promoting Rewarding Careers in Manufacturing

On October 8th, 2014,  Bowden Manufacturing was part of the Think Manufacturing Expo held at Willoughby South High School. The event was hosted by AWT along with the Lake County Chambers of Commerce. It featured many of the areas top manufacturing companies and STEM-focused technical programs.  The Expo was designed to promote rewarding careers in manufacturing.

There was a great student turnout and the event was a brilliant success!  We generated some additional excitement by bringing our 3D Printer, along with some additional 3D printed components, for the students to view.  It can be mesmerizing to watch the printer in action as it builds a part layer by layer.  It just another example for the students that it can be pretty cool to make stuff!  All that’s needed is a good design and the printer can bring a part into reality.

Bowden Manufacturing is proud to be a part of the Alliance for Working Together program.

Alliance for Working Together (AWT)

Lake County Chambers of Commerce

Link to the List of Businesses who Attended

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