Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean Struggle – “What Should I Improve Today?!?”

For this edition of the Bowden Blog, we’re dealing with the struggle of what to do with our Daily Improvement Time.

It’s mid-January and my daughter, Abby, is helping film and edit the videos.  It’s her first one and this one ended up a bit long…she’ll clearly have to work to get the “talent” (me!) to ramble a bit less…

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you keep your Team focused and engaged, as there is always plenty of opportunity to improve!

Thanks, Andy

Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean – Changing Out Windows During Improvement Time

We’ve got a new Team in action for our 30-minute improvement time – Replacing machine windows.

This is a big example of what Paul Akers describes in his book, 2-Second Lean, of FIXING WHAT BUGS YOU!

It’s so much nicer and more effective to have clean windows….and it doesn’t cost that much to do it.

Check out Tony, Adam, Jeremy and Brent in action!

Bowden Blog: 2 Second Lean – Clamp Cell Chip Chutes Continued

Once again, we’re continuing on our 2-Second Lean journey with our Daily Morning Improvement Time each day and creating videos to show our improvements.

We’ve taken the next steps in our Machining Cell where we’re running Clamps, as we look to transform the Cell through our daily actions.

In today’s video, Marvin continues to refine our method to keep the chips contained from ending up on the floor near the machine.

The Bowden Blog is Back! 3 Thank You’s and 3 Encouragements

It’s been too long, but the Bowden Blog is back!

We’re going with video – very fun and just a little bit scary for me! – and I’m sure they’ll get better over time!

Just wanted to kick things off with three Thank You’s:

  • Dennis Hanink – Mentor & Friend to me and to Bowden
  • Darren Hardy – Personal Development Teacher & Coach
  • Amy McCartney – My loving wife and Inspiration to Me

And three Encouragements:

  • Seek out Mentorship
  • Begin on a Path of Personal Development
  • Share Your Love with Others

Have a great day!
– Andy


Retirement Celebration! Sandi Pandy – 33 Years of Energy, Dedication & Love

Taryn - Sandi - Kathy
Taryn – Sandi – Kathy

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when the Team at Bowden gathered with their families to celebrate the career of Sandi Pandy.

For over 33 years, Sandi’s enthusiasm has been a hallmark of Bowden’s world as Sandi worked tirelessly doing so many different tasks:  Payroll, HR, purchasing, accounting, party planning, answering the phone, inventory, budgeting…..the list could go on and on.

Sandi has been such an important part of all that we do and we wish her well as she plans to spend much more time with her family in the months and years ahead.  Thanks very much, Sandi, for all that you’ve added into our lives!

Sandi - Carl - Mike In Front of Sandi's Surprise Piano!
Sandi – Carl – Mike
In Front of Sandi’s Surprise Piano!

Positive Story of the Week

We are happy to have a new part order from a new Customer, Albeco! Albeco is an aluminum bearing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We would like to welcome Albeco to the Bowden Manufacturing Partnership.

Bowden Manufacturing’s purpose is to Establish, Maintain & Grow…Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Our Customers, Our Teammates & Families, Our Suppliers, and Our


2015 SHOT Show

Last week Bowden Manufacturing Teammates, Andy McCartney, Matt Hollis and Wes Holder made the trip out to Las Vegas to attend the Annual Shot Show! SHOT acronym stands for “Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade” (show); The largest of its kind in the world! Newly equipped with FitBit bands, Bowden Teammates accumulated over 14 miles per day on foot and still had ground to cover!  

Bowden’s Leadership Team did have the chance to visit several Partners and Customers including; ArmaLite Inc., a small arms engineering company founded in the early 1950’s and innovator of the AR (ArmaLite) class rifle. Bowden has produced hand guards for ArmaLite and other gun manufacturers; several of which could be seen in booths and exhibits throughout the show. 

Pictures Left to Right – Eugene O’Brien (Armalite),  Matt Hollis (Bowden MFG), Wes Holder (Bowden MFG)
Bowden Teammate – Matt Hollis taking Aim (because there is nothing scarier; than a large man, in a pink sweater, at a gun show!)


SHOT-Show-logoWhat: 2015 SHOT Show
Date: January 20-23, 2015
Location: Sands Expo Center Las Vegas, Nevada 
The annual shooting, hunting, and outdoor expo is the Largest Trade Show in the World! It Features:
  • More than 1600 Exhibitors
  • Over 600,000 sq/ft
  • Over 65,000 industry professionals
  • All 50 States and over 100 Countries represented

Links to:  Shot Show WebsiteSHOT Show Blog


3D Printing: A Useful Tool

The technology of 3D printing has been around since 1984 when Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corporation pioneered the process. The technology has been steadily gaining steam in the industry since then. Personal 3D printing technology was nothing more than merely an idea a few years back. 3D Printer manufacturers such as FormLabs (Form 1) and MakerBot (Replicator) have brought the technology to consumers with the introduction of their desktop models at a very reasonable price

There are numerous applications for a 3D printer in the manufacturing industry.

See pie chart below (Wohlers 2013).

applications of 3d Printer

“Here at Bowden Manufacturing we’ve used our 3D printer to help us better visualize parts we’ve been asked to produce in order to make sure we identify potential problem areas, work holding options and set up inspector plans. It’s a relatively quick and easy way to have a powerful visual tool for planning and presentation. ” says Andy McCartney, President of Bowden Manufacturing.

Here is a 50% scale printed part compared to a finished machined industrial component for one of our customers.

photo 1

Andy McCartney goes on to talk about the future of 3D printing in the industry and at Bowden Manufacturing, “We expect that 3D printing technology will continue to develop, get faster, become more cost-effective, and will ultimately have an important role to play in production manufacturing in the not-to-distant future. We will continue to explore the technology, the required skill set to use it, and the potential applications for our customers in the years ahead. “

 Bowden’s Andy McCartney presents 3D printing capabilities and potential usages with Bob Shutt; Engineer at Rable Machine Inc.

Bob Shutt 1.16.15
Andy McCartney – Bowden MFG (Left) & Bob Shutt – Rable Machine (Right)
Contact Bowden Manufacturing!
Phone: 440.946.1770


Positive Story of the Week: tecsis LP

Bowden Manufacturing had a very encouraging visit with Jim Siebold and Judy Fox from tecsis LP. Located in Worthington, Ohio, near Columbus,  Tecsis specializes in pressure transducers and sensors, load cells, and various custom engineered sensors. You can find Tecsis sensors in the oil and gas industry, automotive and off-road manufacturing, systems integration, aerospace, military, and in general manufacturing installations everywhere. They are appreciative of the work we’ve done for them and we are excited about working with them in the future.

—“We’ve done work with Tecsis in the past and it was great that they made the time to visit us.  We are all hoping that their business can continue to grow and we’re excited to be helpful along those lines.  They have highly-engineered products that typically require milling and turning, a combination which has been a good fit for us” says Andy McCartney, President of Bowden Manufacturing.

For inquiries about our machining solutions:

call us: 440-946-1770 or email us:
Pictured Left to Right: Matt Hollis - Bowden MFG, Wes Holder - Bowden MFG, Judy Fox - Tecsis LP, Jim Siebold - Tecsis LP
Pictured Left to Right: Matt Hollis – Bowden MFG, Wes Holder – Bowden MFG, Judy Fox – tecsis LP, Jim Siebold – tecsis LP

Click here for a full list of our: 7 Qualities of a Bowden Customer Partnership