Bowden Blog – New Hiring Program

Our Bowden Blog is back after sorting out some technical issues in our filming and editing and I’m excited to stray a little from our recent 2-Second Lean theme.

We’ve got a new hiring program that we’re very excited about, bringing in fresh Engineering graduates into our shop.  They are seeking to learn and we are seeking to help them on a journey to be Manufacturing Engineers.

In this quick video, we’ll introduce a few of them to you!

Thanks for watching,  Andy

Bowden Blog: 2-Second Lean – Changing Out Windows During Improvement Time

We’ve got a new Team in action for our 30-minute improvement time – Replacing machine windows.

This is a big example of what Paul Akers describes in his book, 2-Second Lean, of FIXING WHAT BUGS YOU!

It’s so much nicer and more effective to have clean windows….and it doesn’t cost that much to do it.

Check out Tony, Adam, Jeremy and Brent in action!

Retirement Celebration! Sandi Pandy – 33 Years of Energy, Dedication & Love

Taryn - Sandi - Kathy
Taryn – Sandi – Kathy

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when the Team at Bowden gathered with their families to celebrate the career of Sandi Pandy.

For over 33 years, Sandi’s enthusiasm has been a hallmark of Bowden’s world as Sandi worked tirelessly doing so many different tasks:  Payroll, HR, purchasing, accounting, party planning, answering the phone, inventory, budgeting…..the list could go on and on.

Sandi has been such an important part of all that we do and we wish her well as she plans to spend much more time with her family in the months and years ahead.  Thanks very much, Sandi, for all that you’ve added into our lives!

Sandi - Carl - Mike In Front of Sandi's Surprise Piano!
Sandi – Carl – Mike
In Front of Sandi’s Surprise Piano!

Bowden Product Introduction – AR-15 Handguards

Bowden Handguard Photo 3 - Best

After years producing parts for the defense industry and more recently, the commercial gun market, Bowden is launching a series of handguards for the AR-15.  Designed to be easy to install, these handguards come in two main styles (M-Lok and keymod) for 6″-15″ lengths.  They are Made in the USA and will able available this Fall.

This is exciting news for our Team and we’re excited to establish begin production in the coming months.  Stay tuned as we’ll report on our progess in the weeks ahead!

The Bowden Blog is Back!

The Bowden Blog is Back!

I’m sure we’ll give it a catchy name soon, but it’s been a few months without activity since the departure of our chief correspondent, Cory Zikesch.  Thanks, Cory, for kicking the Blog off in terrific fashion earlier this year and I’ll look to try and keep the quality of the posts up to your standards.

It’s July and it finally feels like summer here in Northeastern Ohio!  It’s remarkable how great it feels to have some sunshine and warm temps instead of daily rain showers.

Our shop has been very active and we’ve had some great effort from a variety of part-time high school and college students so far this summer and it’s been fun to watch.  They’ve rolled up their sleeves to help in many ways, from running machines and making inventory transactions, to preparing reports, scanning material certifications and plenty of cleaning.  It’s been good on-the-job training for them, while filling in specific requirements for our Team.  Thanks for the help!

We’ve settled into a nice rhythm as a company of establishing our Weekly and Daily Wins to Accomplish.  It definitely focuses the Team efforts and we accomplish more each day as a result.  Our discipline to our daily activities is growing and will be a key element in our ongoing success.

I’m excited for our growth as a Team to continue as we seek to live up to our ideal to be Honest, Friendly Manufacturing Partners.

Until next time, Andy

Quote of the Week“Whatever You Are, Be A Good One!” – Abraham Lincoln

Positive Story of the Week

We are happy to have a new part order from a new Customer, Albeco! Albeco is an aluminum bearing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We would like to welcome Albeco to the Bowden Manufacturing Partnership.

Bowden Manufacturing’s purpose is to Establish, Maintain & Grow…Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Our Customers, Our Teammates & Families, Our Suppliers, and Our


Featured Positive Story of the Week

CNC Haas Lathe – Set-up

Bowden Teammate Arthur, on Haas Lathe

Bowden Manufacturing Teammate, Arthur Biddulph, showed his Ability to Learn as he completed his first set-up operation!

The set-up of a CNC machine is a critical aspect of the machining operation. Precision, attention to detail, and advanced knowledge of the machine is required to perform the set-up correctly. The operation was done using one of our CNC Haas Lathe Machines and was a set-up for a roughing operation on a customer part.

The particular part material is a Stainless Steel Super Duplex Grade Alloy, known as Ferralium. Super duplex grade alloys consist of 25% or more Chromium, which makes the metal extremely resistant to corrosion. For this reason, this particular material is used frequently in both marine and chemical applications.

Super Duplex Alloy Characteristics:

  • Twice design strength of other stainless steels.
  • Wide range of corrosion resistance to match application.
  • Good toughness down to minus 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Particular resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
  • Weldable with care in thick sections.
  • More difficult to form and machine than other steel alloys.

Click here for a detailed list of Material We Currently Work With

Ferralium – Raw Material
CNC Lathe Operation of Ferralium Part
Starting to Take Shape


Finished Ferralium Part

Featured Positive Story of the Week: January 20th

Featured Positive Story of the Week:

Bowden Manufacturing Teammate, Sarah Eslinger, is known around here for her expertise in our Plastic Department. Comprising about 25% of our current production, our Plastic Department machines various Plastic Materials for the Medical/Healthcare Industry.  (Click Here for a full List of Material we currently work with)

Sarah demonstrated Teammate QualitiesWillingness to Learn and Ability to Learn, as she has taken on several new tasks working with both Steel and Titanium. Bowden Teammate, Sandi Pandy said this of Sarah, “Sarah is very thorough and conscientious. Her attention to detail coupled with the fact that she asks allot of questions helps Sarah understand the job and pick up new skills quickly.” Way to go Sarah!

For any additional inquiries about our machining capabilities or material we work with, feel free to start an open dialog with us!
Call Bowden MFG – 440.946.1770
Email Bowden MFG –

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