Bowden Blog - Our Lean Journey (From Early Kaizen Events through Current 2-Second Lean Efforts!)

Recently, I was asked to provide a summary of our Lean Journey, since we've taken some significant strides in the recent year.

Our strides forward have been largely due to our adopting of our 2-Second Lean approach (based on the book 2-Second Lean by Paul Akers) almost a year ago.

The video below provides[…]

The Bowden Blog is Back! 3 Thank You's and 3 Encouragements

It's been too long, but the Bowden Blog is back!

We're going with video - very fun and just a little bit scary for me! - and I'm sure they'll get better over time!

Retirement Celebration! Sandi Pandy - 33 Years of Energy, Dedication & Love


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