MUG Meeting


Here is an inside look at Bowden Manufacturing’s monthly meeting!

MUG Meeting 2-4-15

Featured Positive Story of the Week: January 20th

Featured Positive Story of the Week:

Bowden Manufacturing Teammate, Sarah Eslinger, is known around here for her expertise in our Plastic Department. Comprising about 25% of our current production, our Plastic Department machines various Plastic Materials for the Medical/Healthcare Industry.  (Click Here for a full List of Material we currently work with)

Sarah demonstrated Teammate QualitiesWillingness to Learn and Ability to Learn, as she has taken on several new tasks working with both Steel and Titanium. Bowden Teammate, Sandi Pandy said this of Sarah, “Sarah is very thorough and conscientious. Her attention to detail coupled with the fact that she asks allot of questions helps Sarah understand the job and pick up new skills quickly.” Way to go Sarah!

For any additional inquiries about our machining capabilities or material we work with, feel free to start an open dialog with us!
Call Bowden MFG – 440.946.1770
Email Bowden MFG –

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January 6th: Bean Day Contest!

In recognition of  Bean Day (January 6th), we decided to have a little fun to start off the year at Bowden Manufacturing! 

We held a Bean Jar Guess-Off! Our Technically Skilled Teammates put their brains to work. With over 40 participants, there was a wide spectrum of predictions and calculations for the bean filled jar. Be that as it may, there could only be one winner. After the dust had settled, Bowden Teammate, Steve Burnett narrowly edged out the contention through a Garbanzo Bean tie-breaker!

Congrats Steve!


Winner: Bowden Teammate – Steve Burnett

What would YOU guess?!

Next Up: Throwback Thursday

December 17th: Maple Syrup Day!

Today, December 17th is Maple Syrup Day!photo 5

Every Spring, Bowden Teammate, Carl DeFillippo makes his own 100% Pure Ohio Maple Syrup. He operates under the name: K-C Maple Syrup out of Montville, OH. Carl has been with Bowden FOREVER and is a vital Teammate to our success. He has been making maple syrup for over 15 years; K-C produces about 75 Gallons per season.

The Teammates here at Bowden love when Maple Syrup Season comes around! Orders start rolling in once he taps his first tree!

Carl’s favorites to put the 100% Maple Syrup on are: Pancakes, Waffles, and Vanilla Ice Cream!

K-C Maple Syrup also is part of the Maple Tour in March where he holds an open house to visitors.

For ordering information or inquiries contact Carl(440) 968-3550 or email @


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IMTS: International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014

IMTS_Logo_2014The 2014 IMTS: International Manufacturing Technology Show was held in Chicago this September. “The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 114,147 registrants. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago.”

Team Leaders of Bowden Manufacturing, Andy McCartney and Wes Holder, had the opportunity to attend the show this fall. Read more for the full interview with Andy McCartney about this years show!  Continue reading “IMTS: International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014”

Teammate Anniversary: Tammy Cook (12-15)

Andy & Tammy (Christmas) 001
Andy & Tammy (Christmas 2009)
photo 3
Home-made Fish from Teammate Carl

Tammy Cook has been a Bowden Teammate for 11 Years! She had no manufacturing experience before starting at Bowden Manufacturing. Her strong work ethic and ability to learn has made her an integral Teammate at Bowden.

Hobbies: Tammy is an avid outdoors woman! She loves to fish, hunt, ride four-wheelers and motorcycles!

Favorite Food: Her favorite food is lobster. The strangest food she has ever eaten is Octopus and Alligator.

Interesting Facts: Tammy lived in Florida for 17 years where she worked at Save on Seafood. A seafood distributor in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Favorite Bowden Memory: Bowden Teammate Carl made Tammy the homemade wooden fish you see below in Tammy’s first year at Bowden as a symbolic gift!


5 Year Anniversary: Tony Tamburro

Tony Tamburro

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH

Resides in: Kirtland, OH

Years with Bowden: 5
Tony started with Bowden Manufacturing on December 7th of 2009.

Position: CNC Set-up and Operation

Hobbies: Four-wheeling and Dirt Bikes, Guns and Fishing.  Tony enjoys spending most of his free time outdoors and relaxing.

Movies/Video Games: When indoors he enjoys playing Halo on the XBox and his favorite movie genre is Comedy

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Food: Tony’s favorite food is all types of Italian Food!

Car: Tony drives a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Very versatile.

Bowden Memory: Tony still remembers his first day at Bowden. He was trained by Devin R. on the M13 and ran Bolt Latches!