Labor Day - Extend the Weekend & Compress the Week!

Remarkable how great an extra weekend day feels, particularly without any extra "holiday" obligations associated with the day off from work.

Summer-like weather this weekend, unexpected for early September, provided some final poolside opportunities before Fall arrives in Northeastern Ohio.....just what we needed to recharge and refresh ourselves.

Several of our Bowden Teammates took an extra day to extend the long weekend a bit further, often a wise use of vacation time.  We've got some busy months ahead and we're pretty excited to get cranked up again.

Funny how the extended weekend suddenly compresses this week that follows, as we can't help by try to cram 5 days worth of activity into the 4 days that remain.  Of course that time compression never works, but with the extra time off, we've got extra energy in the building and it's a great way to start a short week!


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