Teammate Anniversary: Tammy Cook (12-15)

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Bowden


Andy & Tammy (Christmas 2009)
Andy & Tammy (Christmas 2009)



photo 3 Home-made Fish from Teammate Carl


Tammy Cook has been a Bowden Teammate for 11 Years! She had no manufacturing experience before starting at Bowden Manufacturing. Her strong work ethic and ability to learn has made her an integral Teammate at Bowden.

Hobbies: Tammy is an avid outdoors woman! She loves to fish, hunt, ride four-wheelers and motorcycles!

Favorite Food: Her favorite food is lobster. The strangest food she has ever eaten is Octopus and Alligator.

Interesting Facts: Tammy lived in Florida for 17 years where she worked at Save on Seafood. A seafood distributor in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Favorite Bowden Memory: Bowden Teammate Carl made Tammy the homemade wooden fish you see below in Tammy's first year at Bowden as a symbolic gift!


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