The Bowden Blog is Back!

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Andy

The Bowden Blog is Back!

I’m sure we’ll give it a catchy name soon, but it’s been a few months without activity since the departure of our chief correspondent, Cory Zikesch.  Thanks, Cory, for kicking the Blog off in terrific fashion earlier this year and I’ll look to try and keep the quality of the posts up to your standards.

It's July and it finally feels like summer here in Northeastern Ohio!  It's remarkable how great it feels to have some sunshine and warm temps instead of daily rain showers.

Our shop has been very active and we’ve had some great effort from a variety of part-time high school and college students so far this summer and it’s been fun to watch.  They’ve rolled up their sleeves to help in many ways, from running machines and making inventory transactions, to preparing reports, scanning material certifications and plenty of cleaning.  It’s been good on-the-job training for them, while filling in specific requirements for our Team.  Thanks for the help!

We’ve settled into a nice rhythm as a company of establishing our Weekly and Daily Wins to Accomplish.  It definitely focuses the Team efforts and we accomplish more each day as a result.  Our discipline to our daily activities is growing and will be a key element in our ongoing success.

I’m excited for our growth as a Team to continue as we seek to live up to our ideal to be Honest, Friendly Manufacturing Partners.

Until next time, Andy

Quote of the Week“Whatever You Are, Be A Good One!” – Abraham Lincoln

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