We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we make an honest effort to be the type of people we’d want to work with personally. In early 2008, we sat down and came up with a detailed list of exactly what being a “teammate” means to us.

Please click here to see the set of standards we apply to being a “teammate”. It’s not just a document; it’s a set of qualities that we refer to often, from the start of our Monday meetings, to our hiring, to our teammate reviews and counseling sessions.

All those teammate qualities relate to our core values:

  • Honesty, Integrity & Trust — Seriously
  • Meeting or Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Organized & Systematic Methods for Consistent & Predictable Outcomes
  • Internal Relationships — Teammates & Professionals Acting with Maturity & Respect
  • External Relationships — Long-term, Interdependent & Mutually Beneficial
  • Desire to Grow, Learn & Adapt — Continual Improvement
Our turnover rate is uncommonly low, partly because we discuss our values early in the hiring process and work to hire new teammates that share them. Our folks tend to stay with us for a long time, make us productive and pleasant to work with, and help give Bowden a positive, family atmosphere. Of course, anybody can say that, but we work to actually show our values by the way we do business.

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