How We Do It

We’re predictable — in a good way. People both outside the company and within it know they can rely on us because we take a conscientious and systematic approach to every aspect of our work, including:

Communication systems. Doing a job right means making sure everyone involved has correct and complete information, so we follow highly organized routines to do just that. For example, internally, our administrative and work processing systems are robust beyond normal industry standards. Externally, we maintain frequent contact and practice full disclosure, including weekly status reports to all customers.

Operations/production. Our experienced machinists and engineers turn production into a science; many of them have been doing it for a decade or more right here at Bowden.

Using precisely planned workflow models and production schedules, we work three shifts a day and provide several types of manufacturing services:

  • Through CNC machining techniques (both turning and milling), we can produce parts from as small as a dime to as large as a tank wheel.
  • We can work with a wide range of metal and plastic materials.
  • Many of the materials we work with can also be marked through laser engraving.
  • Many times, we partner with our customers to take parts from the prototype stage through production and assembly; other times, we provide just the straight contract manufacturing services on existing products.

Quality systems. A mindfulness of quality overrides all departments and all stages of production, not just inspection. We ensure before we start a job that the customer expectations are clearly defined, beyond just the dimensions and tolerances of the drawing. Secondary items, such as machined finishes, packaging and documentation, must also meet expectations and are a documented part of our systems.

Corporate culture. None of the above would be possible if we didn’t create the right working environment by living up to our values. We didn’t just put them in writing like so many companies do; we actually reflect on them and revisit them routinely. The atmosphere at Bowden is actually a key part of the system — because it’s who we are as people that really makes us different as a company.