Helping Purchasing Professionals Interpret Engineering Drawings.

Interpret Drawings, Find The Right Vendor, Avoid Sourcing Dilemmas.

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Become Self Sufficient
Save Your Company Money
Advance Your Career

Don’t Let Complicated Drawings  
Hold You Back From Being Great at Buying.

Our Team of Engineers Will Work With You to Interpret Your Drawings so You Know Where to Send Your Parts.

When You Get a Drawing Evaluation Through Us, We'll Show You Tips Along the Way That Will Help You Master Purchasing.

- Read Engineering Drawings Like a Pro

- Save Money Through Choosing the Best Processes

- Advance Your Career.

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Manufacturing Prints Aren’t Always

Reader Friendly.

We’ve Evaluated Thousands Of Prints From A Wide Variety Of Manufacturers. From That Experience We’ve Learned If You Are Able To Read Prints Like An Expert, You Will Source Your Parts Like An All-Star.


Read More At Bowden Manufacturing, we know you want to crush the job as a purchasing professional so that your company improves and your career advances. But, with a position as dynamic as a purchasing agent in the manufacturing industry, you can easily get lost trying to get caught up to the demands of the job.

Successful purchasing agents need to know manufacturing and business so they can evaluate technical drawings and source their parts correctly. And while your company may have trained you at this position, a majority of that time is dedicated to learning your purchasing system, leaving you lacking in manufacturing knowledge. These drawings offer very few obvious clues to even start an internet search.

We believe your opportunity for career advancement shouldn’t be limited by your manufacturing knowledge. That’s why we established the Purchasing Agent Assist Service so that our experienced engineers can help you read your drawings.

Here’s how it works: Upload your drawing and our engineers will evaluate it. When we send you back our evaluation, we will give tips that will show you how we got the information we did so you won't need us next time. Your first “Insights” review is free. Send us your drawing today and gain a better understanding of the manufacturing processes you need. Save yourself time and save your company money. Put your career on a new trajectory, continuing your climb up the corporate ladder of success.
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Purchasing Agent Assist 

By Bowden Manufacturing


When you send your drawing, our engineers will evaluate the specifications. We will send you our recommendations along with tutorials on how we got this information so next time you won't need us. These insights include time and cost savings tips regarding coating, heat treating, assembly, material, tolerances, vendor recommendations and even completed RFQs.

How It Works

Upload Your Drawing.

Choose your drawing evaluation then upload your print with desired lead time, work order quantities and other notes.

Receive An Evaluation With Notes From Our Engineers.

Our team of engineers will take an in depth look at your drawing and create a list of key information that will help you save time and money.

Read Drawings Like An Expert.

These drawing evaluations come with tips from our engineers regarding manufacturing processes, part specifications, and best practices that will help you understand your engineer drawings in the future. 

“…we are actively looking for a stamping vendor so this is great to get a recommendation.” Judy (Defense Contractor)




Use our Quick Tips PDF to discover fundamental manufacturing tips that will help you master purchasing.

Get An Engineering Drawing Consultation.